We need testers like you !

We are currently developing the next generation of breast pump. To be as close as the wishes of mothers, we need… Mothers !

A test lasts an average of 45 minutes and depending on what you want to test, it will take place at your home or in the office of a lactation consultant. If you have to travel, your costs will be covered.

Examples of tests are testing the cup that is inserted into the bra to see if it is comfortable and discreet, testing the weight, shape or autonomy of our pump or pumping milk.

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I was able to continue breastfeeding after my maternity leave.

Céline, consultant

So handy for moms who pump every day but still want to have a life.

Téa, midwife

I express my milk on the way to the daycare, it saves me precious time.

Brenda, site manager

I play with my children while expressing my milk.

Louise, childcare worker

I take it everywhere with me.

Nadia, HR Director

I can do more than pump my milk.

Juliette, mother

I would be interested in being able to use a Momly breast pump as a demo in my practice, for my patients.

Julie, trainer and lactation consultant

It saves my life at work.

Linda, speech therapist

The fact that you can put the containers directly in the fridge is great.

Astrid, Control Management

I put it on when I get dressed in the morning to pump my milk when I get to work.

Dounia, nurse

It is as effective as the large breast pumps used in hospitals.

Aurore, lactation consultant

For any other questions, contact Anastasia: anastasia@momly.eu