Once upon a time…

Let’s tell you the story behind Momly and where we are now.


Once upon a time… No, actually, motherhood is not a fairy tale.

It was in July 2020 that Jerome discovered the hassle that moms can encounter when expressing their milk.

The idea was born.

Non-functional prototype

But an idea does not make the product. This is where we brought in two engineering agencies to create the product. For the prototype to be as “mother-grade” as possible, we carry out 10 tests with mothers.

But you are probably wondering what can be tested if it does not work? The shape of the cup, the assembly, the disassembly, the cleaning, the shape of the pump, the buttons, the screen and everything that makes a good breast pump.

Functional Prototype

Once all the non-functional parts have been tested, we move on to the functional stage. First, we test the breast pump on a test bench to see if it meets all safety standards. Then we go to “human” tests to see if the breast pump is effective and if it meets the needs of the mother. The breast pump is also tested on a longer period. This takes place in the company of a lactation consultant or midwife and engineers.

Industrialization and manufacturing

And then, all we have to do is producing them. After getting the certification, we will set up the manufacturing and produce the breast pumps.


And after all these steps we will be able to offer a greater freedom and peace of mind to morhers.