tire-lait discret qui se dissimule

Silent, hands-free breast pump that can be concealed under the clothes.

Momly makes itself discreet in your life. No more sitting uncomfortably on the sofa or in the toilets at the office. Take a real break, lead your video conferences, play with your kids or entertain your friends.


Quiet, molds to the body and fit comfortably in the bra. Compact and lightweight pump that can be hung on trousers or around your neck. You won’t hear it over the phone, it won’t wake your sleeping baby up and won’t be noticed in an open space.


Designed for movement. Holds itself in place and is airtight. Your hands are free. You can sit back and relax, have a cup of coffee at the office, play with your kids or finish packing for your vacation.


Proprietary technology delivering the quality of the best hospital breast pumps. Personalization to maximize comfort and efficiency. Greater peace of mind to feed your baby.

Tire-lait fiable

Committed to making sure that nothing gets in your way

Lifting the burden of breast pumping to support you in your breastfeeding choices and life plans.

In the future, we see a radical change in society towards greater equality.

More than a breast pump

This is the project of three entrepreneurs sensitized to what mothers still have to endure today.

We are working on a breast pump that will be discreet in your life.

Join the community of mothers who support us. Take part in the creation by making your voice heard at key stages.

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